Sales and Marketing

A listed company from a sunrise industry in India wanted to set up a pan-India market for its new products. It was a great challenge as we were competing with the biggest conglomerate in India. The challenge was to be innovative and get the best dealers, marketeers and customers on board in a span of 3 to 4 months. This was successfully achieved, and the company was able to sell 100% of its production capacity successfully, within 12 months of the launch.

Created a winning edge for a global multinational HORECA team by developing personal competencies in each salesman that gave the team an edge. Developed sales competencies in a branch team of the same global multinational to propel it to the No.1 position in India.

Developed sales team competencies in a Sri Lankan local liquor giant towards selling value and brand over price. Developed and established concepts of merchandising and the product itself as a silent salesman. Invoked a sense of pride in the team, brand and company.