Partnering for Strategic Advantage

Collaborate for competitive advantage

Strategic Planning and Oversight

The biggest challenge a management team faces is to identify suitable strategies to convert market opportunities into growth. The board, meanwhile, contributes to corporate strategy and monitors it as part of its core responsibility. Board members, with their cumulative experience and expertise, play a very important role in supervising corporate strategy. They bring strategic merit to the table along with a fresh view, and test the strategic planning options.

Though the board and management teams realise that engaging in strategic discussions is critical to success in business, not enough time is spent on it.

Brand Partners helps you to bridge the gap by defining a successful corporate strategy, looking at scope of business, markets, advantages you have in the market, resources, environment and stakeholders, creating and testing business models, identifying the key performance indicators (KPIs) and developing workflows to mitigate risk. At the same time, we protect shareholder value and ensure alignment of the end result to the agreed objective with the Board.

We offer consistency in interpretation of strategic planning to smoothly meet organisational goals. We believe in alignment of thought, vision and implementation by bringing the leadership and teams together to drive for consistent and successful reiterations in execution of corporate strategy.

Forming Strategic Alliances

Partnerships are becoming increasingly important in a dynamic business environment, making it indispensable for enterprises to comprehend and overcome the challenges in growth. As disruption reigns, strategic alliances are extremely important as an integral part of corporate planning.

Through strategic partnering, companies can improve brand positioning, gain entry to new markets, supplement skills, gain access to new technology, reduce costs, improve research and development, boost quality and share the risk or cost of major development projects.

Brand Partners assists you to define the vision and strategy of your organisation with clarity, in order to evaluate how an alliance suits your objectives. We also help to assess and choose potential partners on the basis of the strategic rationales and synergy of the two enterprises. Evaluating partner landscape, prioritisation and ability to collaborate, is part of the process as well.

Brand Partners helps establish a professional relationship by developing deal processes, doing due-diligence and collectively mapping opportunities with the prospective partner. We assist to negotiate partnership terms and finalise operating guidelines, arriving at an arrangement that is beneficial to both entities and kicks off partnership by developing the processes. We ensure seamless cross-company collaboration by leveraging our experience and expertise.

Positioning Brands

A critical part of corporate strategy is creating a brand recall in the mind of the customer by shaping customer preferences, resonating with them and making them perceive the brand in the desired manner.

Brand positioning strategies are connected to consumer loyalty, consumer-based brand equity and the desire to purchase the brand.

For this purpose, you have to zero in on benefits you want customers to associate with your product, thereby maximising brand value and competitive individuality. In your product portfolio, you need to think about both market fit and differentiation of each product from its competition. Creating a brand position statement around what your consumers want, what your company’s and brand capabilities are, and how each competitor is positioning their brand, is essential.

At Brand Partners, we understand that analysing the company, the brand, the market share moment along with the growth or decline of the category, is critical. We know that knowledge of political and social factors that impact the overall market is also vital. Brand positioning and developing brand value is like choosing your aircraft based on its speed and ability, selecting the flight path and ensuring that you have the right brand champion or pilot to arrive at your destination at the pre-set time.

We assist you in developing clear, actionable plans for positioning your brand strategically. Whether it be brand management or rebranding, Brand Partners bridges the gaps by identifying new markets, creating a visual identity, forming a communication strategy and fixing a competitive pricing for your brand. We help to craft a blueprint for growth, with targeted strategies and solutions that you can implement effectively. We also make real-time decisions in order to facilitate the process and align global best practices to business needs.