Partnering for Equity Growth

Drive revenue by unlocking growth potential

Partnering to Turnaround Sick Ventures

Turning around an ailing business to improve performance and growth is a managerial endeavour that requires prompt diagnosis and timely action. The threat of becoming sick, or not performing to full potential, hangs over small and big private enterprises, as well as public sector companies.

A venture does not become financially insolvent overnight. So, before your firm becomes bankrupt, identify the early signs of failure with Brand Partners to transform your financial position.

Adopt an integrated turnaround strategy that foresees and analyses the causes of business failure. Restore profitability with short-term and long-term measures and implement a realistic change process.

Brand Partners will hold your hand with time-tested models of turning around sick ventures. We will analyse probable causes like faulty people management, communication gaps and inter-departmental conflicts, resistance to innovation, unrealistic investments, decreased cash flow and market share, as well as changes in market demands.

We will create operational turnaround strategies based on the reasons for decline and whether the business is below or around break-even point. We will apply effective strategies for people management and to increase revenue. By streamlining operations with minimum retrenchment, we will ensure a happy work culture with powerful leadership and financial stability.

Building Shareholder Value and Growing Market Share

Return on equity is paramount for ensuring shareholder returns. Your company needs to be efficient both in terms of its returns on capital and operating efficiency. Besides creating a larger share of wallet, you need to increase penetration, visibility and dominate key segments identified in the market.

Give your business a productive, competitive and engaging direction with Brand Partners’ sustainable solutions. We will be your partners in re-configuring resources that meet the needs of markets and stakeholders and in increasing your market share.

If you are finding it hard to survive changed business environments, Brand Partners will provide solutions to reboot and re-engineer your budgets according to market needs. Make realistic growth projections, build your shareholder value and grow profitability. Derive competent financial solutions specific to individual projects and your company as a whole.

Our experts will evaluate market positions and risks associated with current market share; determine optimal market share and fortify it; reduce share and risks, if needed. Streamline financial operations by removing excessive debt and accumulated overheads. We will also guide you to be flexible; find your niche segment, innovate products and marketing methods; engage with customers and increase your market share through strategic acquisitions. We will ensure that your finances withstand the rigours of time and strengthen your customers’ trust in you.

Partnering for Business Development, Sales and Marketing

Whether you have a start-up or an established brand, you will constantly need to focus on growth strategies through effective marketing and sales tools. Your firm will need a balanced and coordinated marketing and business development outreach to get good ROI.

Brand Partners will help you to make a calculated entry, develop business and create a sustained impact in national and international markets. Focus on your core competencies by outsourcing end-to-end business development processes to us, and streamline your sales and marketing strategies.

Leverage Brand Partners’ solid business development skills to build relationships and facilitate opportunities that are based on trust and integrity. It is imperative for you to build a creative and effective Sales and Marketing Strategy in line with your corporate goals and objectives.

We help identify business ideas and success factors to promote new business models. We will support you to analyse service or new product model viability; optimise business processes and sales team competencies; and understand financial abilities of your company. We will assess market potential, clients and competitors, negotiate contract and trade issues to attract accredited investors. Brand Partners’ solutions will help you build relationships and connect your products and services to your target audience.