Partnering for Operational Excellence

Streamline strategic processes to improve productivity

Restructuring Business Processes

Corporate redesigning initiatives are the need of the hour in a constantly evolving market. Such initiatives could be necessary for growth, to accommodate a shift in company strategy, or merely to increase the market share.

Tactical organisational restructuring needs to be based on accurate strategic planning, aided by creativity. It should also be rooted in corporate strategy as part of the long term organisational goal and vision. Restructuring leads to improved efficiency in business operations, cost effectiveness and an enhanced level of governance.

At Brand Partners, we offer accurate analysis and redesign of processes in organisations resulting in optimisation of end-to-end processes and elimination of redundancies in the system. Our process experts evaluate and benchmark your business workflows against best practices in the industry and recommend targeted changes.

We help you construct strategic business plans ensuring that the enterprise and shareholders are all aligned to the same objective. We also take into account the capabilities of the team, the existing processes, financial ability as well as the competition.

Brand Partners believes that restructuring business processes must be undertaken with sensitivity and foresight and the key to its success is preparation and communication.

Creating Winning Business Plans

A comprehensive, carefully thought-out business plan is essential to the success of an enterprise, especially because it helps to give an insight in uncertain times.

Effective planning often defines the gap between success and failure. It is the blueprint for success in business. It details strategies, develops marketing and sales plans and creates the bedrock for smooth operations.

Brand Partners helps communicate the company’s purpose and vision by crafting creative business plans, providing a summary of marketing plans and evaluating competition in the market. We also objectively assess your capital needs and potential to make a profit.

We help to align employees to organisational goals which is the key to maximising performance. This also gives employees a sense of how their efforts contribute to organisational goals.

Our winning business plans ensure that each gear in a well-oiled machine is in the best shape required to allow the next gear to perform in an optimum manner.

Crisis and Contingency Management

Some crises, like financial crimes, build up over time whereas natural calamities, terrorist attacks and system failures can have immediate effects. Worst-case crises scenarios causing reputational harm, like public relations, workplace violence and harassment issues, can also have long-lasting effects. Each situation needs a different approach of preparedness and responsiveness.

Brand Partners’ Crisis Management Plans can be your ally in managing your business risks and continuity across disruptions.

Our well-defined risk management processes will help you anticipate threats and vulnerabilities. We will formulate policies and procedures and, if needed, set aside an emergency contingency fund.

We will develop an emergency management team by training key personnel. Periodic simulations of business continuity plans will help identify weaknesses in execution, rectify errors and help preparedness. Our disaster recovery plan and crisis management tools will limit the impact of disruption to the maximum extent possible and ensure that your team is well-prepared with smart counter measures. It will be easier to restore operational normalcy at the earliest.

Our contingency planning sessions are effective due to their short durations, repetitions at regular intervals and continuous upgrading to include new threats and scenarios.