Partnering for Performance

Transform your employees into high-performing managers and leaders

Developing People

“A company is only as good as its people”. It is critical to establish a people development culture in your organisation in order to ensure its success. Attracting, retaining and strategic management of talent is today an integral part of creating the next generation of leaders.

Finding the ‘sweet spot’ where employees’ goals and expectations meet the organisation’s objectives, is no longer a choice. Creating detailed development plans for employees is beneficial both to the company mission, as well as inspirational to the employee.

Amidst today’s talent war, Brand Partners specialises in managing talent, developing capability and building leaders. We ensure that your employees are primed to maximise their potential while aligning with the organisational goals.

We help define competencies, establish robust development plans, track the progress of your employees, build a distinct Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and a strong people-centric culture for excellent results. This difficult-to-replicate competitive edge attracts the top talent in the industry.

Performance Management

Managing individual performance enables your employees to participate in improving overall organisational effectiveness.

Providing directional leadership, reviewing results and setting accurate goals and expectations to employees is critical. Developing critical success factors and key performance indicators (KPIs) accurately, are imperative for a robust performance management system. Identifying target performance levels for each indicator and using them to provide direct and real-time feedback, ensures completion of the Performance Management cycle.

Brand Partners’ strategies include both the ‘Behavioural approach’ as well as the ‘Result-oriented approach’. In the former, clear behavioural parameters are first developed for varied roles and then evaluated. This approach ensures that detailed feedback on behaviours is shared with employees, gaps identified and desirable future behaviours mapped.

In the ‘Result-oriented approach’, we benchmark individuals against objective metrics determining success. The spotlight is on results that are both qualitative and quantifiable. This approach is suitable when there are multiple ways of approaching the job and the end result is key.

Organisational Development Interventions

Organisational Development (OD) Interventions are a carefully planned sequence of programmes and activities designed to solve particular challenges that an enterprise faces, thereby helping it to achieve its goal.

These interventions are catered to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of individual employees, teams, groups as well as the entire organisation.

Challenges that an organisation might face could be varied in nature, ranging from team issues, processes, performance, attrition or even technology. A host of OD interventions could address these issues, including team development, laboratory training, managerial grid training, brainstorming and inter-group team building. The activities could take place at all three levels – individual, group and organisation.

Trained experts at Brand Partners conduct completely customised solutions like diagnostic activities, team building and process consultation activities. We offer human process interventions (both individual and group targeted), structural and strategic interventions and human resource management interventions.

Executive Coaching and Life Skills Coaching

Our ROI-focused Executive Coaching offers a myriad of benefits to our clients. Working as a partner with the organization/individuals, we customize the approach, aligning it to tangible business outcomes including:

  • Fostering professional growth and organizational success.
  • Enhanced Leadership skills
  • Strategic Goal achievement
  • Improved confident decision making
  • Increased Self-awareness
  • Adaptability & Resilience
  • Finding Harmony between work and personal life
  • Accelerated Professional growth