Organisational Development Interventions

A global Information Technology Consulting company, exploring expansion and diversification, was looking for the right talent for their key roles. They wanted to develop and prepare a talent pool which could help in meeting their strategic business needs. The key teams would bring in a deeper understanding of the business, deliver on business outcomes and drive an internal customer-centric partnering culture, across levels and functions. Our multi-pronged approach comprised of 3 main focus areas – interventions pertaining to:

  • Individuals
  • Groups
  • Organizational strategy and policy

In line with the ultimate deliverables, several immediate milestones, as well as a long-term transformation process, was successfully implemented with:

  • Life cycle leadership development programmes, synchronised with the roles employees would play at different stages of their professional life
  • Centers of Excellence, for the business units to diagnose needs, develop solutions and hand over execution to these flexible pools as a powerful way to manage domain supply and demand
  • Driving the Balance Scorecard focus, putting strategy and vision at the centre of all activities
  • Psychometric profiling for recruitment and development of critical skills

We drove a culture change from Transactional to Transformational with the involvement of key stakeholders, using the 70-20-10 model.